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About the Film

Now, for the first time, an in-depth look at the mysterious creature living within Puget Sound and Lake Washington. Willatuk: The Legend of Seattle's Sea Serpent explores the myth and saga of this massive aquatic animal and the impact it has had on people's lives.
  • Learn how Native Americans first sighted the creature in 1736 swimming off present-day Puget Sound and how white trappers first encountered Willatuk in 1818 on the shores of Lake Washington.
  • Learn the secrets of huge underwater caverns, which Willatuk uses deep within the waters of Lake Washington.
  • Hear how Willatuk is being hunted as prize game in the Northwest waters it calls home.
No other sea serpent in the world has also been spotted in fresh lake water. This is why the Wonkatilla tribe view Willatuk as a metaphor for a more tranquil time when humans lived in harmony with the natural world. This film explores that philosophy and shows how Native Americans view pollution, over-population, and those who hunt this noble creature for thrills and fame as threats that will ultimately lead to the end of Willatuk.
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